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Feminine jealousy rears its head. [Feb. 6th, 2007|08:52 pm]
Life in Neptune
[mood |calmcalm]

Okay, so Meg is a sweetheart and there isn’t any possibility that she’s my half-sister.

That being said, does she expect me not to look at Veronica? Ever? Come on, I have tried to give the cold shoulder to Veronica, but it’s not easy to do. I still care about her and hate seeing the likes of Max Garrison interested in her…but what am I supposed to do?

I found out about Veronica potentially being my half-sister and probably being my half-sister right before my sister was killed, and that break up wasn’t easy for me, and acting like she had done something wrong for that stretch had been even harder. The fact that I had slept with her at the party when she had been drugged and had left and not told her about us coming together that night, made it easier to give her the cold shoulder, but again, it wasn’t her fault, nothing in this is her fault and she feels the same pain that I do about Lilly…so I can’t be with her, but I still love her.

I had to move on, so I move on to Meg, who of course, doesn’t know about my father and Veronica’s mother, and still thinks there is a chance for Veronica and I to get back together and therefore, I’m currently getting the third degree, even though she’s not saying anything as of yet. Sure, I’d been sitting with Max and Logan. They’re my friends, and yes, Max was eyeing Veronica and Logan the new girl sitting with Veronica, and of course, my eyes rolled that way, but Meg didn’t get it and I couldn’t tell her. Those secrets were better left alone, at least as far as I am concerned with them…especially considering that they might not be true.

I can’t take that chance, though. I can’t fall harder for Veronica and have her actually be my half-sister. My parents believe that it’s true and it’s a source of constant tension between Mom and Dad, but I really want to make sure that it isn’t one between Meg and myself.

I could clam up and shut down about it, but I don’t want to treat Meg that way.

We got to her locker and irritated, she opened hers and tossed books inside, making a spectacle, which isn’t like her, causing me to turn and see if anyone is watching and of course, they are.

“Meg, speak your mind. I think that it looks a lot better then slamming your books around, acting like we are in some kind of fight or something. Don’t you?”

She grabbed the books that she needed and examined me. I examined her too. Aside from the obvious anger or tension right now, there’s no doubt, Meg is beautiful. Logan gave me grief over her being blonde and petite, of course referring to the fact that I moved on to another Veronica, but that totally isn’t the case. She’s her own person and very different from Veronica, which is good and bad.

I tried to offer soft eyes to make her feel more at ease.

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Introductions. [Feb. 6th, 2007|08:49 pm]
Life in Neptune

[mood |anxiousanxious]

”So, Mars, should you start the introductions, or shall I?”

That was Logan’s way of breaking the ice; it probably wasn’t the way that I would have started the conversation, but hey, everyone is different and I’ve come to expect from Logan virtually zero in the way of tact.

He hardly looked at Veronica when approaching the table and even now, and I can’t take my eyes off of her. I can already tell, granted…I have heard this about her anyway, that she has a quick wit and like Logan, isn’t afraid to use that tongue and cheek repartee. That might turn some off, but not me. If she just lay down with her legs spread for me the way that Kendall has, then it wouldn’t be any fun.

The fun is in the chase, I have learned, not that I’d complain about my fling with Kendall, because the woman has skills, but she’s just that…a fling. Like any normal teenager, I want something more. I’m prepared fro Duncan to be unhappy with it, but it’ll be worth it because Veronica Mars, adorable.

She looked at me, as if she didn’t want to look at Logan, but I didn’t get the warm feeling in the eyes. Again, that’s not a deterrent…Her telling me that the sight of me makes her want to vomit incessantly…well that would qualify as a deterrent, but so far, none of that.

I tried not to gaze too deeply at her and eventually, she turned her gaze towards Logan and April, as they had already introduced themselves. Logan has me beat when it comes to being anti-shy, and believe me, I’m no slouch there. Of course, he does have the advantage of the obvious; April seems to like him already, while Veronica might not care if I exist.

She watched them for a moment and then turned to me. In her gaze was something that gave me that shy gene, but I am not unfamiliar with dealing with the occasional butterfly or two and quickly rise o the occasion.

“April Van Lowe, Veronica Mars, I’m Max Garrison…it’s nice to meet the two of you. I moved here three months ago and so far, I have to say that Neptune is not a bad place to live…”

Veronica looked at me as if I were crazy when I said that. I had been warned about that as well. She went from popular and liking the school…to something else over something that her father did and my assertion that Neptune was a nice place to live had something to do with the blonde looking at me right now and something to do with Kendall. The rivalry with the pch’ers that I’m now in by default, not so much.

“When I say Neptune is a nice place to live, I mean very recently, like five minutes ago…when my eyes fixated on this very table…”

Okay, that sounded middle-age bar pick-up linish, and might have cost me some points. I guess that we’ll have to see.

[Veronica, Logan and April]
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Eli Navarro...again... [Feb. 6th, 2007|08:46 pm]
Life in Neptune
[mood |busy]

Looking through my files, taking out whatever might be open from the Lilly Kane murder case knowing that I don’t want my daughter to find them, I find nothing, which is good, considering that the rest of the files are still in my safe at home…and are…well…safe there.

Things have been so hard for Veronica and it makes me insane knowing that the wrong man is in jail…that she believes it and in the murder of her best friend, there is zero closure.

I would bet the farm that the Kane’s are knee deep into it, but there is the small matter called the burden of proof. And even if I obtained some proof, which isn’t easy because money can make a lot of things disappear, then I still had to convince Lamb, the new sheriff and a bozo at that…to pursue it knowing that he’ll be unlikely to want to challenge the Kane’s in any way.

Don Lamb is a kiss-ass, brownnosing idiot...and though Veronica would normally be the one to speak of him in such a manner, I guess that at this point, I can't help it either. He took over for me because of my accusations against the Kane’s, and won’t help, not that he would be much help anyway. No, if I get the breaks that I seek, I’ll have to go higher then the Balboa county Sheriff. I need to do this to clear my name, but more importantly, to make it easier for Veronica who stood by me when this came down and because of that, she paid for it at school, losing most of her friends and as a consequence, she became immersed in doing what I do and I worry about her doing that. She doesn’t get to lead the life that a high-school junior should.

I stroll into my office knowing that nailing Jake Kane who isn’t clean in all of this, isn’t the only reason that I want to stop him. He and my wife and my wife leaving and Veronica’s paternity are all factors, though I wouldn’t try to nail him for the murder if he wasn’t nefarious and shady in all of this; if there weren’t things that didn’t scream frame job on the accused, Abel Koontz.

I sit and put my hands on my smooth head as I lean back. Seconds later, a scared mother strolls into my office. I know the look. I have seen it hundreds of times. I’m guessing her son or daughter is in need of help…but I’ll let her explain it to me.

She shook my hand and sat down.

”Mr. Mars, I have always believed in you. You should be sheriff and not that rich-person puppet.”

I smiled. “Thank you…” I didn’t yet know her name, though I have seen her around before.

”Anyway, Mr. Mars, I’m Valeria Cortes and my son came home with bruises last night and it wasn’t the first time in the last week. He’s involved with those PCH’ers and I’m wondering if you can do something to get him away from the life. I asked my son, Ramon, about it, but he won’t say much. I don’t have a lot of money, but if you can help him, then I will pay you what I have.”

I remained smiling and stood. “I’ll see what I can do. As for the fee, I promise you that it won’t be very much. I know who to speak to.”

After she left, I grabbed the information for another case that I’m working on, along with some surveillance equipment and walked out. Eli Navarro might be in school, where he should be, but then again, he might not be. Graduating, not high on his priority list. His typical haunts well known to me from my days as sheriff, I headed that way… tazer in hand.

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Who's this lovely flower? [Feb. 4th, 2007|04:19 pm]
Life in Neptune
[mood |curiouscurious]

The food in this school really sucks.

Note to self, tomorrow, bring something from home, and make sure that Mom and especially not Dad, don’t prepare it.

Casually, I stroll over to my seat to talk about the hilarity with Duncan and Max that we just saw. Normally, we might just blow it off because it was somebody whose mother might clean my house that was strung up to the pole, but it was just too funny for words this time around.

I sat down on one side of Duncan, Max on the other, of course, none of us sitting on the actual seat, but on the actual table…because why sit in the seats when the view is so much better on the table? Granted, the table is probably filled with soot or dirt or something, but that’s why God invented Washing machines and mothers.

We could stand as opposed to sitting on the tables, but why stand unless you’re surfing or something else such as walking in a similar vain? The reason for the view today seemed to be the too that had helped the poor fellow taped up to the pole earlier.

Yeah, Veronica was sitting there. Nothing to look at there…well, that’s not true, Veronica is cute and petite, which is all very sexy but that is sort of balanced by the fact that she tends to be the most annoying super-sleuth on Earth, whose father accused my girlfriend and best-friend's father in my girlfriends murder.

No, today’s view, well for me and Duncan, anyway, is the sweet looking brunette that happened to sit down next to her. Okay, so bad choice in friends, whoever you are, but the view is worth it. I eye her and she me, until she puts her focus back on Veronica and I take a bite out of something that is supposed to be pizza, but they should have called cheese grease on bread.

I noticed that Max, also new this summer to our zip code with a father who is a major-leaguer in stock and real estate speculation, seemed to be fascinated with Veronica and his fascination seemed to dawn on Duncan, who didn’t seem happy with the fascination.

“So, there’s a new bella in town with a propensity to hang out with our local high school sheriff. I wonder what that means, or if it even matters? I’m thinking, suite at the Neptune Grand and very little talking already, Duncan, how about you?”

Max looked up and seemed to think that we were both crazy. He was obviously fascinated with Veronica Mars. He’d learn soon enough…or maybe he wouldn’t? Maybe, like Duncan, he would soon be wrapped around her finger except that he might not dump her out of nowhere and for some mystery reason that I still don’t know about.

[Max and Duncan]
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Ahh...the old getting tied to the pole trick. [Feb. 4th, 2007|04:09 pm]
Life in Neptune
[mood |sympatheticsympathetic]

Okay…This is really not something that you see every day.

That is saying something considering the things that I’ve seen.

The poor guy…I’ve never seen him before, so I’m gathering that he’s new to town and this is not the start that one wants to get off to. I should know. A year ago, the majority of this school liked me. I was the Sheriff’s daughter and dated the wealthiest boy at the school. Though I wasn’t officially an 09’er, they all liked me and I tended to get along with those like me whose parents didn’t have a fortune to blow with another fortune after that waiting in reserve.

Then, my best friend gets murdered, her brother, my ex, dumps me and suddenly, I’m in a position to empathize with Mr. Taped to the pole, everyone ogling and laughing at him, new guy.

I start forward to help him down because these are the types of things that I do, when I realize that another girl is doing the same thing and like me, she has the look of dogged determination on her face like she wants to get to the bottom of who did this to him, even if it’s not for a fee.

That is supposed to be my thing. I’m the girl that people come to…well, some of the time, anyway, and now, I don’t seem to be alone. I could be jumping the gun with that assumption and yeah, okay, sometimes I jumped to the wrong assumption, but let me tell ya, it’s pretty rare.

She had a knife for this type of situation, just like me, in her purse and as I cut one arm of this young black man, away from the pole, I wonder exactly how she got her knife in without setting of the medal detectors or how she beat the continuous and annoying locker searches?

After cutting him down and seeing Logan, Duncan and Max laughing at the new kid, along with everyone else in the 09er club, I wonder what Duncan is thinking? He’s been so odd lately, not that I should give him the time of day. I can pretty much guess what Logan, Max and Dick Casablancas are thinking and I realize that if I investigate this, which depends on whether my new friend gives me the information that I need to investigate it, I might very well be coming around to the Echolls or Casablancas estates to deliver some retribution, which all in all, wouldn’t make me frown.

“Well, I’d say you’ve pissed somebody off, now since you are wearing only a towel, I’m going to pray that you have a spare change of clothes in the gym that you can change into. If not, good luck explaining to your mother, when you drive home, about your wonderful first day at the new school...”

I smiled. It was a funny and he seemed to be taking it well. It also turned out that he did rush off towards the gym to change, although he had instructions to come back here, from this other girl, who suddenly, I wanted to investigate as well. We took our seats and she stared at me, as I did her.

“So, out of an entire school of people laughing at our poor new friend, why would you cut him down…whoever you are?”

[April and Wallace]
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