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Eli Navarro...again... [Feb. 6th, 2007|08:46 pm]
Life in Neptune
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Looking through my files, taking out whatever might be open from the Lilly Kane murder case knowing that I don’t want my daughter to find them, I find nothing, which is good, considering that the rest of the files are still in my safe at home…and are…well…safe there.

Things have been so hard for Veronica and it makes me insane knowing that the wrong man is in jail…that she believes it and in the murder of her best friend, there is zero closure.

I would bet the farm that the Kane’s are knee deep into it, but there is the small matter called the burden of proof. And even if I obtained some proof, which isn’t easy because money can make a lot of things disappear, then I still had to convince Lamb, the new sheriff and a bozo at that…to pursue it knowing that he’ll be unlikely to want to challenge the Kane’s in any way.

Don Lamb is a kiss-ass, brownnosing idiot...and though Veronica would normally be the one to speak of him in such a manner, I guess that at this point, I can't help it either. He took over for me because of my accusations against the Kane’s, and won’t help, not that he would be much help anyway. No, if I get the breaks that I seek, I’ll have to go higher then the Balboa county Sheriff. I need to do this to clear my name, but more importantly, to make it easier for Veronica who stood by me when this came down and because of that, she paid for it at school, losing most of her friends and as a consequence, she became immersed in doing what I do and I worry about her doing that. She doesn’t get to lead the life that a high-school junior should.

I stroll into my office knowing that nailing Jake Kane who isn’t clean in all of this, isn’t the only reason that I want to stop him. He and my wife and my wife leaving and Veronica’s paternity are all factors, though I wouldn’t try to nail him for the murder if he wasn’t nefarious and shady in all of this; if there weren’t things that didn’t scream frame job on the accused, Abel Koontz.

I sit and put my hands on my smooth head as I lean back. Seconds later, a scared mother strolls into my office. I know the look. I have seen it hundreds of times. I’m guessing her son or daughter is in need of help…but I’ll let her explain it to me.

She shook my hand and sat down.

”Mr. Mars, I have always believed in you. You should be sheriff and not that rich-person puppet.”

I smiled. “Thank you…” I didn’t yet know her name, though I have seen her around before.

”Anyway, Mr. Mars, I’m Valeria Cortes and my son came home with bruises last night and it wasn’t the first time in the last week. He’s involved with those PCH’ers and I’m wondering if you can do something to get him away from the life. I asked my son, Ramon, about it, but he won’t say much. I don’t have a lot of money, but if you can help him, then I will pay you what I have.”

I remained smiling and stood. “I’ll see what I can do. As for the fee, I promise you that it won’t be very much. I know who to speak to.”

After she left, I grabbed the information for another case that I’m working on, along with some surveillance equipment and walked out. Eli Navarro might be in school, where he should be, but then again, he might not be. Graduating, not high on his priority list. His typical haunts well known to me from my days as sheriff, I headed that way… tazer in hand.