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Introductions. [Feb. 6th, 2007|08:49 pm]
Life in Neptune


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”So, Mars, should you start the introductions, or shall I?”

That was Logan’s way of breaking the ice; it probably wasn’t the way that I would have started the conversation, but hey, everyone is different and I’ve come to expect from Logan virtually zero in the way of tact.

He hardly looked at Veronica when approaching the table and even now, and I can’t take my eyes off of her. I can already tell, granted…I have heard this about her anyway, that she has a quick wit and like Logan, isn’t afraid to use that tongue and cheek repartee. That might turn some off, but not me. If she just lay down with her legs spread for me the way that Kendall has, then it wouldn’t be any fun.

The fun is in the chase, I have learned, not that I’d complain about my fling with Kendall, because the woman has skills, but she’s just that…a fling. Like any normal teenager, I want something more. I’m prepared fro Duncan to be unhappy with it, but it’ll be worth it because Veronica Mars, adorable.

She looked at me, as if she didn’t want to look at Logan, but I didn’t get the warm feeling in the eyes. Again, that’s not a deterrent…Her telling me that the sight of me makes her want to vomit incessantly…well that would qualify as a deterrent, but so far, none of that.

I tried not to gaze too deeply at her and eventually, she turned her gaze towards Logan and April, as they had already introduced themselves. Logan has me beat when it comes to being anti-shy, and believe me, I’m no slouch there. Of course, he does have the advantage of the obvious; April seems to like him already, while Veronica might not care if I exist.

She watched them for a moment and then turned to me. In her gaze was something that gave me that shy gene, but I am not unfamiliar with dealing with the occasional butterfly or two and quickly rise o the occasion.

“April Van Lowe, Veronica Mars, I’m Max Garrison…it’s nice to meet the two of you. I moved here three months ago and so far, I have to say that Neptune is not a bad place to live…”

Veronica looked at me as if I were crazy when I said that. I had been warned about that as well. She went from popular and liking the school…to something else over something that her father did and my assertion that Neptune was a nice place to live had something to do with the blonde looking at me right now and something to do with Kendall. The rivalry with the pch’ers that I’m now in by default, not so much.

“When I say Neptune is a nice place to live, I mean very recently, like five minutes ago…when my eyes fixated on this very table…”

Okay, that sounded middle-age bar pick-up linish, and might have cost me some points. I guess that we’ll have to see.

[Veronica, Logan and April]