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Feminine jealousy rears its head. [Feb. 6th, 2007|08:52 pm]
Life in Neptune
[mood |calmcalm]

Okay, so Meg is a sweetheart and there isn’t any possibility that she’s my half-sister.

That being said, does she expect me not to look at Veronica? Ever? Come on, I have tried to give the cold shoulder to Veronica, but it’s not easy to do. I still care about her and hate seeing the likes of Max Garrison interested in her…but what am I supposed to do?

I found out about Veronica potentially being my half-sister and probably being my half-sister right before my sister was killed, and that break up wasn’t easy for me, and acting like she had done something wrong for that stretch had been even harder. The fact that I had slept with her at the party when she had been drugged and had left and not told her about us coming together that night, made it easier to give her the cold shoulder, but again, it wasn’t her fault, nothing in this is her fault and she feels the same pain that I do about Lilly…so I can’t be with her, but I still love her.

I had to move on, so I move on to Meg, who of course, doesn’t know about my father and Veronica’s mother, and still thinks there is a chance for Veronica and I to get back together and therefore, I’m currently getting the third degree, even though she’s not saying anything as of yet. Sure, I’d been sitting with Max and Logan. They’re my friends, and yes, Max was eyeing Veronica and Logan the new girl sitting with Veronica, and of course, my eyes rolled that way, but Meg didn’t get it and I couldn’t tell her. Those secrets were better left alone, at least as far as I am concerned with them…especially considering that they might not be true.

I can’t take that chance, though. I can’t fall harder for Veronica and have her actually be my half-sister. My parents believe that it’s true and it’s a source of constant tension between Mom and Dad, but I really want to make sure that it isn’t one between Meg and myself.

I could clam up and shut down about it, but I don’t want to treat Meg that way.

We got to her locker and irritated, she opened hers and tossed books inside, making a spectacle, which isn’t like her, causing me to turn and see if anyone is watching and of course, they are.

“Meg, speak your mind. I think that it looks a lot better then slamming your books around, acting like we are in some kind of fight or something. Don’t you?”

She grabbed the books that she needed and examined me. I examined her too. Aside from the obvious anger or tension right now, there’s no doubt, Meg is beautiful. Logan gave me grief over her being blonde and petite, of course referring to the fact that I moved on to another Veronica, but that totally isn’t the case. She’s her own person and very different from Veronica, which is good and bad.

I tried to offer soft eyes to make her feel more at ease.